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. You’ll just need to find out if she likes you as a friend and treats all her friends this way or if she likes you in a non-platonic and entirely romantic way. Whether it's a subtle eye roll or constantly assuming a closed-off position with arms folded across their chest, or they don't look up from their computer. 1.


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You honestly don’t know if nobody likes you.

It's much more likely that a guy just doesn't want to get shot down for the 100th time than he just wants to be friends.

2. My dog does, that means more to me. 1. You end up going to the movies by yourself because you can’t think of anyone to realistically go with.

3. A feeling that. When a girl likes you, she’ll make no qualms about spending time with you.

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They give off negative body language.

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You flirt back, but neither of you makes plans for a date.

Will talk about her crush around you.

They give off negative body language. Green Bay is rebranding. Join. .

1554 points • 65 comments. . . It can be both difficult and easy to tell if a Libra likes someone.


. The good news is that the more you're around him, the more he will open up and he will become less and less shy. 38K subscribers.

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. “Someone is definitely into you when they plan to make more time for you,” Silva says. .