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TUNA GAY FISHES (NEW) 2. ateez ob,cd,unscanned universe qr,sticker 62 pesos mine+code code:ateezmineeee https://t. I. Atiddies 10.

Nov 28, 2021 · Global fandom platform UNIVERSE will host a live call for the group ATEEZ.


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So, I have two QR Codes for Universe from my two Monsta X Albums.


It is free, but you do need to download the Universe app to be able to access the showcase.

Reply. Mar 25, 2021 · By Mark Alvin Mar 25, 2021. Through a series of QR code posters found in Hongdae, Seoul and by the concert venue in Madrid, Spain,. [ad_1] ATEEZ has simply introduced their subsequent comeback in a particularly cool approach! On April 23, ATEEZ followers observed a number of mysterious posters each within the Hongdae neighborhood of Seoul and outdoors the venue of ATEEZ’s live performance in Madrid, Spain.

g), cherry 🤍. From AGENT BLACKJACK K with Kang Daniel to AREA51: THE CODE with MONSTA X, UNIVERSE has all types of content. In the meantime, pre-registration is ongoing and early birds will be granted raffle tickets to offline.

The Full Version at #UNIVERSE!.
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The posters featured “HALATEEZ” (the “ HALA HALA ” versions of ATEEZ, which ATEEZ lore describes as the members in a different dimension), as well as a QR code and cryptic.

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Jan 31, 2022 · Although 2022 just started, ATEEZ have already begun the new year with a bang.

io/[ATEEZ's clues]Flag: Flag with ATEEZ’s logo on itPirate King props. 13 20:00(韓国時間) こちらのリンクから無料でご覧いただけます。.

Sep 3, 2021 · All ATINY on UNIVERSE rejoice! The NCSoft and Klap K-pop fan interaction platform will be hosting the comeback showcase "ATEEZ [ZERO: FEVER Part.



The eight-membered boy group is currently wrapping up the U. Reply. 18knees. .

The Full Version at #UNIVERSE!. I've had the Universe app since it launched, and at the beginning I tried the PM chat for Monsta X members, but I definitely didn't get my money's worth then: Minhyuk was mostly silent, and then Universe made me wait. The only thing is, I can’t cast the content to my TV to watch it (no cast option), and I do have a hdmi converted to my TV and it doesn’t cast the videos on universe either. Report Save Follow.

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. KQ Entertainment boy group ATEEZ has released their new show, "Pirate Reboot: The Five Treasures," as a part of the exclusive content under UNIVERSE Original. Lil Parrots 9.

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They debuted on October 24th, 2018 with Treasure Ep.

During the episode of “KLAP Up!”, the members were given different tasks to complete in order to get “KLAPs” for ATINYs, which can be used on the Universe app to earn various. RT @chocosan_8: ATINY NICKNAMES BY ANTIS 1. Jun 29, 2022 · [Eng Sub) 'ATEEZ CURS3 0F TH3 MON3Y H0L3' Making 1 Link in tweet below ♡ don't tag official acc~! ♡ don't reupload ~! ♡ enjoy the show ^^ thank you ~!.

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I'll be a reliable Jongho next to ATINY.

io/[ATEEZ's clues]Flag: Flag with ATEEZ’s logo on itPirate King props. ago. co/BtCkyh4rNE”. io/[ATEEZ's clues]Flag: Flag with ATEEZ’s logo on itPirate King props.